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Daniel Bryant Memorial Fellowship

In honor of the late Daniel Bryant, who whole-heartedly supported the Western Branch and was President at the time of his death, the Western Branch in 2014 voted to create the Daniel Bryant Memorial Fellowship to help members of the society attend the annual meetings.

Therefore the American Oriental Society, on behalf of the Western Branch, designated the Daniel Bryant Memorial Fellowship Fund as a Board-designated Reserve fund to support scholarly exchange by giving fellowship awards that help defray the expense of participating in Western Branch meetings.

The Executive Committee of the Western Branch will be responsible for requesting applications for the award of the Fund funds to support participation in the annual meeting of the Western Branch as part of the yearly call for abstracts for papers to be presented at the Western Branch annual meeting.  The Executive Committee will have the responsibility of reviewing these applications and allocating the Fund funds as it deems appropriate.

Tax-deductible contributions to the Daniel Bryant Memorial Fellowship Fund will allow the Western Branch to provide small but significant fellowships on a yearly basis from the income of the fellowship fund.

To make a donation, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer of the Western Branch, Timothy Davis.

Contributors to the Fund


Ronald Egan
He Yuming
Zeb Raft
Antje Richter
Matthias Richter
Stuart Sargent
Richard VanNess Simmons
Madeline Spring
Richard Von Glahn
Stephen Wadley
Alexei Ditter

Most recently updated: 1/01/2020